Chantelle Derez Diver & Rescue Swimmer aboard the Sea Shepherd

I first discovered Sharkskin when I was working as a Dive Master on the Great Barrier Reef and instantly fell in love with my top. It was perfect to wear under my wetsuit and also provided protection when the water temperatures were not quite cold enough to wear a wetsuit. I always pack mine when travelling as you never know when you may end up in the water! I introduced Sharkskin to the Sea Shepherd boat M/Y Bob Barker where my role was Primary Diver and Rescue Swimmer for Operation Divine Wind in 2011/12. Sharkskin was also perfect for the Small Boat Crew to wear when they were out on boat mission's to save whales. We love Sharkskin!

Scott Donaldson Trans-Tasman Solo Kayak Paddler

I have been wearing Sharkskin garments for preparation and execution of kayaking the Tasman. In 84 days I gave it a hammering like no other. It was the ultimate test of function and durability. One of the hardest components of the expedition is to stay healthy in such a small and wet environment. Initially the conditions in the Northern Tasman were warm and I wore the Sharkskin Rapid Dry long sleeve top. The sun protection and Rapid Dry function were vital. As I progressed south I wore the Sharkskin Climate Control long sleeve. This thing is unbelievable! I wore it every day while paddling for over 3 weeks without washing and often with a heavy thermal survival suit on top. It’s the
only garment that could protect my skin and
keep the heat in these conditions.

Damien Rider World Record Paddler and Endurance Athlete, Founder of PACA Foundation

My Sharkskin Rapid Dry top is ideal for big paddles. It's comfortable, lightweight, aerated and provides UV protection. Doesn't hang off me when wet or annoyingly stick to me. Check their gear out -they really put work into each product.

Kris Kingston Member of the Champion Australian Rafting Team

We were paddling in 5 degree water with a air temp of 26 degrees and the sharkskin paddling pants and tops kept us warm in the cold water without making us over heat in the warm air. While competing you need a product that can adapt to different weather conditions without compromising your performance and sharkskin have found the perfect balance! Sharkskin paddling pants offer superior comfort without the chaffing which is extremely important while training and racing for long periods of time.

Mike Walker Kayaker / Olympian

Basically the Sharkskin comes out when the temperature is below 15 degrees... I wore mine the other day in Munich when the training on the Regatta course the temperature got to 12 degrees, and that’s the middle of summer over here. Yesterday we went into Munich and checked out the standing wave on the river where guys are all surfing in full length wetsuits, hoods and booties. I asked a guy for a couple of rides on his board and jumped in with boardies, a short sleeve thermal and my Sharkskin vest over the top. I was sweet -didn’t even get cold.

Barny Young

Over the last few months I've taken a huge liking to my Sharkskin Long sleeve top. For spring white water creeking/ scouting missions the Sharkskin long sleeve top has become my absolute go to. It's comfort and warmth has made the need for multiple smelly poly pro’s redundant. In an early spring descent of the snow fed central Otago Nevis river I was more than comfortable wearing only my sharkskin under my dry top. Normally this type of descent would demand at least 3 poly pro's which restricts your range of motion in this class V kayaking environment. I would recommend the Sharkskin long sleeve top to any kayaker who is keen to have one do it all garment under their dry top. It is warm on even the coldest days and reduces the need for multiple layers

Shaun Sheldrake & Daryl Wislang NZ 12 Foot Skiff Team

I love the Sharkskin kit. It performed brilliantly over the two regattas we’ve used it for this summer. If you look at photos of the 12 Foot Skiff Interdominionsyou’ll notice that we were the only guys warm enough to sail in shorts! We layered Performance Wear tops and shorts over the Chillproofgarments; the combination was really warm and much more flexible than a traditional wetsuit. The Performance ‘compression’ gear allowed us to keep our PFD and harness enveloped and also provided protection from chafing during some hard sailing.

NZ Men’s Rafting Team 2013

Our Sharkskin Rapid Dry tops were exactly what we needed for raft racing. Powering through rapids they repelled the water to keep us warm while competing, while off the water they dried so quick they became a great casualtop for us to wearon the podium. The 50+ UPF also helped with the harsh NZ sun.Thanks Sharkskinfor helping us lookand feelgood during the WhitewaterRafting world champs.

Daniel Osborn Kayak & Ski Paddler

My twin brother Shaun and I have been using Sharkskin gear for around 6 months now and we are loving it! We train on either our skis or kayaks everyday and have experienced extreme weather conditions. Sharkskin offers something perfect to wear in all areas, from freezing winter mornings with icy winds to the hottest summer days. The gear provides great mobility, especially around the armpit region, which is perfect for paddling and it always keeps us warm without making us hot. We used to have problems with rash and chaffing but have never experienced this while using Sharkskin gear. The Sharkskin garments are not only good for paddling; they are perfect to throw under a wetsuit while surfing or to keep you warm from the wind while kite surfing. We highly recommend Sharkskin gear to any athlete; they definitely supply the best paddling gear we have ever used.

Bethalls Beach SLNZ Boat Crew

We need a garment that gives us some insulation and dries quickly when wet. The Sharkskin Rapid Dry product is perfect -not as cold as lycraor spandex garments and dries super fast keeping us warm when training or competing.

Teneale Hatton NZ World Champion -Sprint/Marathon/Surf Ski Paddler

I have been using the Sharkskin Rapid Dry top a lot both on and off the water and I'm loving it. It’s perfect for the slightly colder conditions too as it’s like a splash guard when it is drizzling but you don’t overheat.

Stacey Huston

Sharkskin is by far the best paddling gear I've ever worn on the water! The fleece lined paddling pants are awesome over winter, and the foot straps mean that if I come off my board during racing or downwinders, the pants remain in place. The rapid dry top with high vissleeves is a year-round paddling top for me as it is warm, quick dry and provides better insulation than lycraor cotton tops. When it gets cold in Winter I just wear my Sharkskin chest vest underneath. It keeps my core warm but allows freedom of movement due to the vest design. The entire Sharkskin range feels great on, is breathable and flexible which is important to me when paddling, and a big bonus is it's flattering to wear!

Jeremy Stephenson Starboard SUP International Ocean Racer, NZ SUP Champion and Director of SUPSNZ

This is the quickest drying paddle garment imaginable. Perfect for 2 hour downwind training runs to WaihekeIsland and catching the ferry back. Even in cold southerlies and rain nothing is lighter, warmer or drier.

Team Vestas Wind 2014 Volvo Ocean Race

Chris Nicholson (Nico) and the Team Vestas Wind crew use Sharkskin to keep their extremities warm when the temperature and wind become extreme during the 1stleg of the 2014 Volvo Ocean Race.

Team Vestas Wind 2014 Volvo Ocean Race

Chris Nicholson (Nico) and the Team Vestas Wind crew use Sharkskin to keep their extremities warm when the temperature and wind become extreme during the 1stleg of the 2014 Volvo Ocean Race.

Jimmy Walker My Kayak Coach

The thing I love about all the Sharkskin products is that they take time to make the garment the best it can be for the paddler. On top of Sharkskin’s Chillproof range of paddling products, now comes the Performance Pro compression top. I use the Sharkskin compression top for not only racing but for training as well. The good thing with this top it is that I never get too hot or cold. I love it and the rest of the range and I’m sure you will to. Thanks to Sharkskin for being an Australian company that is designing products for the paddler.

Mike Ball Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, Great Barrier Reef & Coral Sea

I have been using Sharkskin for over 5 years. Sharkskin is my wetsuit of choice for warm water diving plus they make a big difference under a wetsuit in cooler waters. If I keep suited up between dives my Sharkskin is far more comfortable than my wetsuit with neither the chill or overheating of a wetsuit. My crew have been using Sharkskin for longer than me; you can't get better recommendation than that!

Mike Wells Record Holding Freediver, SSI Instructor, Pro Adventure Athlete

My philosophy for adventure is simple, "No boundaries, No limits". From high altitudes to extreme depths, whenever I prepare for action I find my Rapid Dry is one of the first things I pack! drier.

Finn Butcher Slalom Kayaker

There are three branches of white water kayaking -extreme creek boating which involves paddling creeks and waterfalls; freestyle, surfing river waves and tricks; and slalom which is a timed race while negotiating a series of gates. I am heavily involved in Slalom training but do spread my time over all three branches.I am proud to wear the silver fern on my chest, New Zealand on my back. NZL on my boat and Sharkskin on my body.

Rachel Clarke 2014 Molokai Surf Ski World Champs winner

I wear the Sharkskin Rapid Dry top because it keeps me warm but I don’t over heat. It’s great for paddling as it doesn't restrict my stroke and is very comfy. It keeps me protected from the windchills-I wear it in all conditions and it's perfect!

Juan Felix Bravo Guinness World Record Holder (2009)

For me competing on Jetskiwith Sharkskin has been a very positive experience this season. The garments give me the comfort I need during the resistance trials. The fabric is light and regulates my body temperature the whole time. Without doubt the binomial sportswear-pilot is very important in my speciality and Sharkskin gives me the protection I need.

Scott Bryant Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club -Inshore Rescue Boat Team Captain NSW and World IRB Champions

After trying a sample, our entire team has now purchased Sharkskins. We find the product of exceptional quality and perfect for protection from the elements during both patrols and competitions. Whether constantly in the water or in the boat exposed to the surf and wind, Sharkskin have become an essential addition to our team uniform. Not just to win races, but to save lives.

Canoe & Kayak Stores

“Chill Factor Zero” the ad claims. Our readers confirm this! All over the Country the Sharkskin brand of thermal wear is flowing off the shelves. Its fleecy lining makes it the most comfortable paddling wear available.
•Tony Barrett of Hamilton C&K told me “I was on the MohakaRiver in May, wearing just a Sharkskin and dry top. Although I was wet all day, I never felt the cold. When I took it off, it felt as if there had been no water in it. The
water vanished very quickly.” There’s no
need for anyone to put up with the cold
any more.

Jošt Zakrajšek Flatwater Kayaker

This is the quickest drying paddle garment imaginable. Perfect for 2 hour downwind training runs to WaihekeIsland and catching the ferry back. Even in cold southerlies and rain nothing is lighter, warmer or drier.

Nathan Fa'avae 2012 Adventure Racing World Champion

At my age and Polynesian descent, I hate being cold! Optimal temperature while training and racing is vital for enjoyment and successful performance. I use the Hybrid Long Pants and Sleeveless Vest for the bulk of my paddle training, which is a combination of ocean surf ski, down river and white water. The major advantage I discovered with Sharkskin was that I am comfortable in cold conditions but I don't overheat if there is a temperature change. I have used it in many different ways, under my wetsuit canyoning, winter mountain biking and kite boarding. Sharkskin is wonder wear!

Rob Fort Kayak Fishing and Spearfishing Guide, Soft bait Pro Fisherman, Fishing Writer, Marine Photographer

Sharkskin is all about staying warm and avoiding wind chill on and around the water. The new Performance Top allows for that without the chance of overheating and keeping the wearer safe from the sun at the same time. Tests so far have proven its worth in our ever changing conditions and, as we all know, our weather can often expose us to four seasons in one day which the Performance Top deals with like no other product out there can. The compression material is extremely nice when I am paddling and makes my muscles feel great with firm unhindered support. Better still the material is great to fish with and is perfect for activities like softbaitingwhich usually involves plenty of casting and working of the bait.

Andrew Hill Jet Ski Fishing

After hearing all the positive feedback about the Sharkskin products, I decided it was long overdue to try some clothing that could keep me warm with my Jetskifishingadventures. I have used various wetsuit brands and after the restrictive nature of the other products and rashes I was receiving, keeping warm and comfortable had been an issue... Since using the Sharkskin range my adventures have been more enjoyable, also sustaining longer periods of fishing, even in extreme conditions, as I am no longer suffering from the cold. I totally recommend any athletes that are subjected to the elements, keep warm and dry, use the Sharkskin range and you to can really enjoy your sport.r.

Deane Joyce Auckland KitesurfCentre (Head Instructor)

Sharkskin has to be the best thermal garment I’ve used for my Kitesurfing. Comfortable, warm and lightweight it’s great when the wind chill gets down. During the winter months can be especially hard while teaching but with my sharksinsunder my wetsuit I’m fine even with the harshest southerlies.

Tim Kacprzak Obstacle and Endurance Racer

As an obstacle racer I require protection from all the elements. During training and events I am required to be in and out of water obstacles, ice baths and braving cold winds, all whilst not overheating. Sharkskin garments provide me with the all round support for all the condition I may encounter. Sharkskins garments allow for a full range of motion whilst retaining durability. As I prepare to take on the world for the 24 hour World's Toughest MudderI know I can compete with the confidence that my Sharkskin gear will hold up to all the rigors that obstacle racing has to throw at it.

Ben Keys Canoe Racing NZ Performance Athlete

I’ve had a few paddles in the Sharkskin Chest Vest in some really cold and windy Christchurch winter conditions. I really like how it stays dry on the inside and the fleece type material is really comfortable against the body. It doesn’t feel like other ’wetsuit’ vests as it moulds and moves with the paddling action and doesn’t restrict me at all. You can tell it provides 100% protection against the wind and cold as I could not feel any draught through the material, and it holds my body heat in well too. To top it off -it also looks cool! All in all a great product that will keep me paddling through winter chill free.

Tony Rae ETMNZ & Volvo Ocean Race sailor

Sharkskin keeps me warm in the most competitive and extreme sailing conditions on earth –the America’s Cup campaign and the Volvo Ocean Race. Even when wet it keeps me warm allowing me to concentrate on the sailing!

Beau Nixon Current Australian SUP Champion

Stand Up Paddling has you above the water, exposed to the elements and wind chill is always major factor. With Sharkskins products being 100% windproof I find the range boasts extremely comfortable garments that have the same warmth as a full wetsuit, but are more lightweight and offer increased flexibility, a must when competing in National and International Stand Up Paddle events. I choose Sharkskin for this reason and it never gets left behind when packing for my next surf.

NZ Kayak Team Competed in the 2010 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships

Early moriningwinter training on Lake Karapiroby the NZ Canoe Sprint Team, when they were in preparation for the 2010 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships which were held in Poznan, Europe.

Victoria Stuart Starboard NZ

Near freezing conditions and up to 40 knot winds on race day mean the only way I'm going anywhere near the water is in my Sharkskins. The fleece lining is super cosy, and the warmth also means I don't have stiff achy knees and joints anymore! With dusk approaching and fast ferries speeding by the hi-visorange is also reassuring..

Tim TaylorYoungest Solo Circumnavigation of NZ in a kayak and Guinness World Record holder for 24 hour paddling in a surfski

I'm lucky enough in life to spend nearly 200 days a year out on the water in a kayak. Whether it’s throwing myself over a 10m waterfall, paddling a 60 kilometre stretch of coastline, or terrorising the local fish population, it would be fair to say that I spend a lot of time wet. When out on the water, I need clothing that will keep me warm, comfortable, and protected from our harsh NZ sun. Sharkskin ticks all of these boxes and I have found their product range to be an amazing asset to my kayaking. Long gone are the days of layering up with skunkyold thermals, as I would now consider my Sharkskin’s my ‘go to’ items. My choice literally comes down to what the weather is like on the day: a Rapid Dry top for hot days out on the ocean, a Chesty Vest for a high-intensity training session, or a Long Sleeve Shirt for winter whitewater. It’s all awesome stuff and as I say to my mates “if I can’t break it, then no-one can.”

Shaun Travers White Water Kayaking

I am in the New Zealand Team for White Water Canoe Slalom and I have been using this gear for the past year. I have found it to be a very good product to wear as it is comfortable, warm and you still have full movement in it unlike a wetsuit. Sharkskin suits all weather conditions and temperatures, especially on Lake Wakatipuin the South Island of New Zealand. I would defiantly recommend these garments to any person who works in water environments, and needs a top that is versatile in all conditions.

Richard Ussher Elite Multisport and Adventure athlete and 5 time winner of NZ Coast to Coast event 5 time winner and now Race Director of the NZ Coast to Coast event

I've found the Sharkskin range to be perfect for staying comfortable in even the worst conditions -whether out training for Coast to Coast, an AR race or simply a big mission it is brilliant both as an outer layer and as the insulating layer under a dry top. The most impressive thing is how warm it remains when wet and it's become a stable part of my kayaking equipment.

Gordon Walker International Multisport athlete and 3 time winner of NZ Coast to Coast event

Even on the coldest mornings all I need is a long sleeve thermal and my sharkskin. It have found it allows me to keep warm in a variety of conditions and the rain is no issue. It can really dump it down and you are no colder when wearing the Sharkskin. I've also been using it on the surf ski and it’s brilliant. I've hopped off into the water just to test it out and found that it really keeps me warm even when wet. I also use a very thin neoprene type top and when this gets wet when combined with the breeze it can be really cool…the Sharkskin is significantly warmer than the new titanium neoprene type garments out these days.

Dougal Allan Multisport & Adventure Racing Athlete

Multisport for me is a year-round obsession. Living in Wanaka I am faced with climatic extremes on an almost daily basis. My competitive advantage often comes from my willingness to train in all conditions. My Sharkskin gear matches my attitude perfectly. Whether it is snowing on Lake Wanaka, blowing a gale on the Clutha River or the sun is roasting me in summer, I know my Sharkskin gear has an answer to every situation. It is simply the most effective paddle gear I have used, and it goes pretty well on the bike too.

Annabel AndersonWorld World Champion Stand-Up Paddle Boarder

I was introduced to Sharkskin while training through one of Europe’s harshest winters contending with snow, blizzards and freezing temperatures training on the River Thames in London and competing throughout Europe. One of the challenges of SUP training is that you get really hot when you are out on the water training, but wearing a wetsuit and/or multiple layers of clothing is impractical, uncomfortable & causes excessive bulk and prohibits freedom of movement in the upper body. Good training kit that performs and is functional in cold weather is hard to find. Sharkskin Performance Wear tops go a long way to making it a lot easier to make it out the door and onto the water on those colder days. Sharkskin’s ChillproofLong Sleeve top is big step in the right direction of developing true cold weather training apparel and I’ve had it out in as low at minus 20 degrees Celsius on high alpine mountain lakes in Bavaria, Germany. The thermal torso combined with light and flexible compression fabric sleeves makes for a highly functional garment that enables you freedom of movement, insulation and reduction of windchillto your core. The cut of the sleeve enables maximum movement and flat seam stitching reduces friction & chaffing.

Felipe Alonso Dos SantosFerg’sKayak Ferg’s Kayak staff member and SUP/Outrigger Champion paddler

I get cold really fast andSharkskin keeps me warm and comfortable for my Winter SUP and Outrigger paddling making it possible to paddle long downwindsor distance paddling without worrying about getting cold. The nice thing is that I do not overheat when I’m pushing myself hard!

Karl McMurtrie K1 Paddler, NZ

On cold mornings I grab my Sharkskin bag and get my Chillproofpogies, socks, paddling pants, beanie and long sleeve top and that keeps me warm for a great training session. The colder it is the more comfortable I become.

Nikki and Carl Whitehead NZ Champion Kayakers

Sharkskin Chillproofgear is Awesome! Super warm paddle clothing that can withstand the elements. Great when kayaking as the water runs off the outer layer of the material. The socks are good inside river shoes and keep your feet warm for long periods of time, even when wet. On long walks into a river up to 2 hours the Chillproofsocks were fantastic. The Chillprooftop and shorts are great for warm days on the river as it keeps a comfortable body temperature.


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