Ocean Swimming In Her Rapid Dry



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      Sharkskin has a broad range of products that are suited to ocean swimming that can also be used for general watersports activities too.  Swimming wetsuits are great but they are purpose built specifically for swimming and are not designed as a multi-functional watersports garment. They can also be expensive, difficult to put on and get off, and can be very fragile and prone to tearing.

      Normal ‘non swim-specific’ neoprene wetsuits generally inhibit the arm movement used for swimming due to the design and the thickness of the neoprene rubber used in their construction. So for activities like ocean swimming where warmth and sun protection is required, and ease of getting the garment on and off, as well as flexibility for repetitive arm rotation and shoulder movement we recommend the Sharkskin garments categorised into this SWIMMING ACTIVITY section.

      Sharkskin hand crafts 95% of its highly innovative range in its own factory in Newcastle, Australia in direct response to the needs of the end user. At Sharkskin we call that “responsive innovation”.

      For more detailed information about Sharkskin construction and fabrics go to Sharkskin Technical Information