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SHARKSKIN is ideal for just about any watersport and provides excellent in water thermal protection as well as great above water protection from wind, waves and sea spray. Breathable, flexible and lightweight, SHARKSKIN is great for physical activities.
Sharkskin technical watersports protection brand re-invented the wetsuit category with its Chillproof fabric and the rash-guard category with its Rapid Dry fabric to create a truly amphibious range that will keep you warm and protected in and out of the water.

Sharkskin Chillproof garments have revolutionised Multisports with a comfortable and flexible fleece fabric that is breathable, windchill proof, and dries quickly when being worn. This unique 3-layer fabric has been developed and then further refined and improved to be much warmer and much more comfortable than wetsuits, or standard thermal wear, or lycra and cotton garments. This is particularly important for Multisports as you will often get partially or fully wet when you are training or competing and therefore expose yourself to windchill and hyperthermia.
Sharkskin can be worn by itself as a stand-alone garment, or underneath a wetsuit to add extra warmth and protection from windchill, or “layered” with other Sharkskin garments to give you the ability to increase or decrease warmth levels in changing environments.

Sharkskin also offers a range of Performance Wear products that use a combination of Chillproof fabric, super-stretch neoprene, and Liquid Titanium Compression to create a lightweight more flexible range that helps with performance and endurance and boosts recovery to provide many benefits suitable for Multisports where you want to be able to perform at your very best.

Sharkskin Rapid Dry re-invented the traditional rash guard to provide a longer lasting garment with more insulation than Lycra. It’s the ideal product for all Multisports in Summer or layered with Chillproof garments in Winter. The fabric has a water repellent treatment (WRT) and its loose stylish fit is perfect for any Multisport where you require technical performance mixed with fashion to keep you looking good.
Sharkskin hand crafts 95% of its highly innovative range in its own factory in Newcastle, Australia in direct response to the needs of the end user. At Sharkskin we call that “responsive innovation”.

For more detailed information about Sharkskin construction and fabrics go to Sharkskin Technical Information