Clearance Sharkskin

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This clearance collection includes both FACTORY SECONDS and DISCONTINUED ITEMS and are being sold at a reduced retail price. 

FACTORY SECONDS are brand new and come with full SHARKSKIN factory warranty. At Sharkskin we have very high standards when it comes to our finished products and our Quality Control Team occasionally rejects finished products due to small production errors or imperfections. As a result we accumulate factory seconds which are new products with minor imperfections or cosmetic issues such as stitching or logo imperfections however all garments are free of any defect that may affect performance or durability.

Factory Seconds are identified with a small green stitch inside the garment that identifies them as having been sold as a Factory Second and our warranty excludes the cosmetic imperfections that makes them a factory second.  

DISCONTINUED ITEMS are discontinued SHARKSKIN products or old models, styles or colours that no longer feature in our current pricelist or website. The Chillproof fabric used and thermal performance is identical to the current SHARKSKIN Chillproof range. All products are brand new and come with full SHARKSKIN factory warranty. 

Sharkskin Factory Seconds and Discontinued Items are only available for purchase in Australia.