Diver holding a Scuba Tank wearing Sharkskin Titanium Top

Titanium Chillproof

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Titanium Chillproof garments are unique. They feel the same as standard SHARKSKIN Chillproof fabric in that they have the same thickness, are neutrally buoyant, non-compressible and totally block wind on the surface.

They are also extremely comfortable to don and doff compared to neoprene, dry very fast and can be washed in a washing machine like normal clothing. Compared to standard Chillproof however, Titanium Chillproof benefits from Titanium Far Infrared (TiFIR) that is incorporated into the fabric.  

Far Infrared (FIR) is most commonly associated as the heat energy generated by the sun and when absorbed by our bodies, infrared radiation causes a rise in body temperature.  Far Infrared (FIR) however is also generated from our own bodies, in fact all mammals generate Far Infrared Heat Energy and approximately 50% of the energy generated by your own body is in the form of Far Infrared rays.

Titanium Chillproof has FIR reflective technology that reflects and retains the Far Infrared Heat Energy from our bodies back into our bodies subsequently causing a rise in temperature, increased blood flow and improved metabolic function – i.e. we will be warmer.  Without this layer, the Far Infrared Heat Energy generated by our body is lost into the environment.

Our test have shown that Titanium Chillproof has equivalent thermal protection to a 4.5mm to 5mm neoprene wetsuit so you can wear it in place of a wetsuit in temperate waters between 20-26 degree c.