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FACTORY SECONDS are brand new and come with full SHARKSKIN factory warranty. At Sharkskin we have very high standards when it comes to our finished products and our QC Team occasionally rejects finished products due to small production errors or imperfections. As a result we accumulate factory seconds which are new products with minor imperfections or cosmetic issues such as stitching or logo imperfections.

Factory Seconds are identified with a small green stitch inside the garment that identifies them as having been sold as a Factory Second and our warranty excludes the cosmetic imperfections that makes them a factory second.

EveryWear is a new “lifestyle” range of technical T-shirts from Sharkskin. Designed to be worn on and around the water and all-day, every-day as your favourite watersports lifestyle garment.

EveryWear is made from a lightweight fabric which is both breathable and durable and has a SPF50+ rating for full sun protection. EveryWear fabric has moisture wicking properties to help keep you dry when you are working hard and and your body temperature increases, and has an anti-microbial treatment to help prevent odour.

EveryWear is designed for everyday use and not specifically for in water. However, if submerged in water EveryWear will dry faster and therefore keep you warmer than cotton or lycra fabrics.

Australian made


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